Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I am eating, day five


2 eggs scrambled
1 piece whole grain toast

1/2 whole wheat pita
Sonoma Diet Tuna Salad
Spinach salad with 2 tsp red wine vinaigrette

1/2 whole wheat pita spread with 1 tablespoon hummus and topped with cucumber slices

1 small movie theater popcorn with butter
1 red vine
Several (I think 4) pieces of homemade pizza on whole wheat crust with caramelized onions, pepperoni, mushroom
1 chocolate macadamia nut candy
Many pita chips with hummus
2 cupcakes made with that No Pudge mix (which were awesome)
Probably around a bottle of white wine

90 minutes of yoga class

Ahh, yes, the drinking/eating/socializing mix, my kryptonite. The popcorn was somewhat of a mishap, I didn't intend to be hungry for our 5 pm movie (the Hangover--hilarious), but I was starving when we got there. Though our friends who hosted us served us fairly healthy fare, I obviously failed at exercising portion control. To be fair, faileed implies that I tried and I did not. Still, I should probably attempt to do better when I am out and about, especially since I anticipate a pretty social summer calendar.

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