Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wave Two, Weight Loss

After what seems like an eternity, I have finally lost another pound. Seven pounds since beginning the diet on January 9th. Obviously, this is excellent progress. I am almost halfway to my weight loss goal, and am now 3 lbs from BMI normal, which is such an oddly named category I have to look it up every time to make sure that it really is "normal." Why would the inventors of the Body Mass Index label a category "normal," when so many fall outside of that range?

Anyway, today I am still "overweight," which is a much more reasonably named, if insulting, category.

I keep reminding myself that losing seven pounds in just under four weeks is pretty great, especially since I inevitably cheat a little (or a lot...) on the weekends. It still feels so slow-going.  In any case, I am optimistic. It would be great if I could lose another two pounds this week, since next Saturday I have my first wedding dress fitting!