Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friends, I'll update you.

The past few months have been quite a change. Going back to school has meant a pretty big shift in my diet. I drink the occasional soda now (as I'm often exhausted and stuck on campus for 14 hour stretches), I will eat whatever free food is offered whenever it's offered (cookies, brownies, the occasional slice of pizza), and in general, I feel like I'm doing a pretty bad job of eating Sonoma Diet-approved foods. Furthermore, I don't get to the gym nearly as much (I just make it to a yoga class or two a week), probably because I am too intimidated by the fancy collegiate gym and all of the muscles found in the weight room. Not to mention the horrors of the locker room, which is used by my students!
Surprisingly, I am not gaining weight, and in fact, am still losing a bit. Perhaps also surprisingly, I am drinking less as a grad student than I did as an office drone. I still pack most of my meals, which are salads and soups prepared in a Sonoma Diet way. I probably eat less, as I am too cheap to supplement my meals with food from campus and too lazy to pack enough food for a 14 hour day at the ungodly hour of the morning I do my packing. And most days find me crisscrossing campus at least a few times, which I suppose counts for more than it feels like. So, I'm now in the mid-140s, a weight I literally find boggling. In addition, I now have a pair of size 8 jeans in my closet that are TOO BIG. Again, they are from the Gap, so, let's not make too big a fuss.