Sunday, September 6, 2009

How am I, you ask?

Or maybe you don't. I'll just update you on my weight-maintenance, if you are so curious. My two-week long road trip, while enjoyable, not-unexpectedly resulted in a couple of extra pounds on the scale. I'll blame the "Angry Tendercrisp" I couldn't resist ordering at a Burger King somewhere in Utah. Or perhaps the Kansas City BBQ, Eggs Benedict, and god knows what else. It was two weeks of feasting and fast food, followed by a messy first few weeks back in LA with the start of school, my brother's visit, and a lot of eating out/catered lunches. Still, I am mostly back on track now, and am happily hovering in the low 150s. I'd love to see what 145 lbs looks like on me, but I am also happy with my eating habits (which incorporate a lot of Sonoma Diet recipes and principles), and, generally, with my activity levels (which have lately been low, but as I get into my new school-based routine, will hopefully pick up), so I don't really want to put my time and energy into setting and achieving goals.