Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 mother effing pounds down!

I know, it's hard for even me to believe, so you must be shitting yourself right now. I now weigh less than 160 lbs soaking wet, which isn't that hard as I was recently scalped by someone who probably shouldn't be calling herself a hairstylist, and am clocking in at 156 lbs naked. Sorry, familial readers, for the visual. I am still carrying some serious belly flab, so I'll press onward, I suppose. I am not really sure when the dieting should stop, but I don't feel especially restricted by it, so I don't see any good reason to stop. Frankly, I think the mid-150s are a fine place for me, health-wise, but I also think I am eating healthfully now, and that I could be in better physical shape. So, I'll continue onward.

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