Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whole Grain Baking

This weekend I intend to do some baking, as it is probably one of the last mild weekends for a while. And because baking is highly conducive to laziness, one of my weekend goals. Let rise for 2 hours, you say? The perfect amount of time to read on the couch.

Alas, I find the whole grain baking world somewhat overwhelming. While I have dabbled in wheat bread making in the past (and have had great success with this Amy Scharber recipe), I am interested in finding recipes with less sugar (I think), and with 100% whole grains.

I may give one of these recipes from King Arthur Flour a try, but am not really sure how to determine which will make the most nutritious daily bread that I want. Plus, some of them call for ingredients relatively unknown to me, like instant potato flakes (really? is this more or less Sonoma Diet-friendly than white flour?), something called "vital wheat gluten" (I imagine this is to compensate for the lower amounts of gluten in wheat flour, but where to buy? How much will it cost?), nonfat dry milk (I am assuming I can figure this one out...), malted milk powder and wheat flakes... I wish the Sonoma Diet books included breadbaking recipes, so that I would have to make all of these decisions on my own.

Given that I go through a bread baking phase ones every 6 months or so, I'm not really sure how all out to go. However, I do think becoming a regular bread baker would probably be better for both my health and pocketbook, so perhaps I will give it a shot.

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