Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wave One Recap

Well, I had an extremely busy day at work, which was really unfortunate, as I had planned to spend a portion of my day putting together wave two, which begins at midnight* tonight!

Alas, I did not get a chance to consider my approach to the new wave today, and thus have decided to follow the 14 day meal plan exactly as written. No red snapper, so should be OK.

Reflecting over the past ten days of superstrictness, I have been really surprised at my lack of cravings. Though the sweetest thing I've had are grape tomatoes, I haven't found myself missing candy or soda. I'll admit to pangs of longing when tossing out the half-dozen pizza ads we get each day. OK, and when passing a Cheezits end-cap at the grocery store.

I haven't cheated at all-- not a single bite of non-wave one food has passed through my lips. I have prepared every single meal for myself over the past ten days-- something that will no doubt change in the coming weeks. Or this weekend, rather, when I head down to Temecula for a few days with a friend.

Prior to starting the Sonoma Diet, I never ever passed up a chance to eat. Over the past ten days, I have refused home-made tamales, scones, sorbet, home-made caramels, popcorn, beer, countless office candies, and god knows what else. While the idea of passing up free food bothers me on some level (why? I didn't grow up in the Great Depression!), I must say I take no small amount of pleasure in refusal. I'm not sure how long that will last, but right now, using my willpower is somewhat of a high.

*At midnight, I am going to see the Watchmen. And I am taking with me some home-popped popcorn sans butter (a wave two snack) to enjoy during the movie, as I am technically on wave two and there is no way in hell a wave one meal plan can take me from a 7 am breakfast to 3 am, the time the movie will end.

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DaintyDoughnuts said...

how was that movie?


...and at the same time I totally hate you for screening my calls.