Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dud dinner

Perhaps I jinxed myself yesterday, with my talk of trust between Connie Guttersen and I, because last night she damn near tried to kill me.

Red Snapper with Pepper and Fennel

Sounds good, right? Fennel, peppers, garlic, onions... mmmmmm.

Now, my experience with red snapper is limited. I can only recall having it at a cajun restaurant, blackened and grilled. Thus, I have no idea how baked red snapper should taste, but I am guessing it should not taste like baked Magic Rub erasers. I swear to god, that snapper squeaked on my teeth. Perhaps it was over-cooked-- I have noticed that the Sonoma Diet errs on the side of caution with its cook times.

Still, I sucked down the whole 4 ounce fillet. If you ate enough fennel in the bite it wasn't too terrible.

Later, I ate a small spoonful of natural peanut butter for a snack but got a disproportionate amount of oil and I swear to you, I almost died. When your daily bites are drastically limited, it is nothing less than devastating when one fails to deliver.

And today, no doubt as reward for managing to swallow numerous sub-par bites yesterday, I have miraculously dropped another 2 lbs per this morning's weigh in.

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Bubblesworth said...

Ugggh Lady- I HEAR YOUR PAIN. Keep with it. My actual healthy diet starts tomorrow.