Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breakfast and Diet Cheese

This morning, I enjoyed:
Two baked eggs sprinkled with green onion and feta.

I have been following the Wave One meal plan more or less exactly. I don't really trust myself to go rogue (the book provides instruction in devising your own meal plans)-- although I will admit to swapping the occasional unpleasant raw veg (cauliflower, celery) with more delicious, roughly as healthy vegetables like bell peppers and broccoli.

Now, I feel like the author, Connie Guttersen, and I have some trust between each other. She trusts me to keep goat cheese and gorgonzola in my fridge while remaining on her meal plan, and I trust her not to poison me. I even roasted brussels sprouts and zucchini for dinner the other night (sorry about that, Bill), two of my least favored vegetables.

There is one thing, though, that Ms. Guttersen wants me to do that I can just not bring myself to do-- eat low-fat cheese. While most of the recipes so far call for a very small amount of real cheese (chevre, parmesan, blue cheese, feta...), she occasionally instructs me to use a larger, though still quite small, amount of low-fat cheddar or to snack on a Laughing Cow Babybel. So far, I have been swapping the low-fat cheese options with half the amount of feta or fresh goat cheese (relatively low in fat for full-fat cheeses, but significantly higher than their low-fat brethren).

I can't decide if my aversion to the diet cheese is necessary to preserve my sense of self throughout the great diet experiment, or is an arbitrary line in the sand. After all, this morning I could have had TWO tablespoons of low-fat cheddar instead of my one tablespoon of full-fat feta. Plus, in my pre-diet life, I regularly enjoyed low-fat cottage cheese and sour cream, and non-fat milk and yogurt. If other dairy products can still be enjoyed in reduced fat varieties, then is it possible that cheese could be similarly delicious?

In other news, 179.8 this morning. And I am sporting pants purchased in a size 10* last year that today are significantly more comfortable than they have ever been before.

*That's a Gap size 10-- let's not get too excited.

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