Monday, March 2, 2009

The Sonoma Diet

Five pounds down, I am half-way through Day Seven of the Sonoma Diet. Indeed, I am one pound away from the 170s, a ten-pound range I haven't visited for quite some time, and, in fact, have never been especially friendly with.

I chose the Sonoma Diet after reading reviews of different diet programs, and then hanging out in a Barnes and Noble for an afternoon, looking over my short-list (South Beach, Sonoma, No-Fad). I chose Sonoma because it seemed most compatible with my beliefs about food and healthy eating. I didn't want, for instance, a diet that embraced frozen foods, meal replacement bars, or strange substitutions, I didn't want to welcome margarine into my refrigerator or Equal in my cabinets, I didn't want to shun whole grains, fruits, or cheese.

Despite my healthy eating values, I know my food choices aren't always the greatest. Bedtime snacks, cream sauces, oversized portions, and my complete and utter inability to pass up eating anything that might be delicious have all kept me hovering just below the plus-sizes.

So, I've decided to give dieting a go, and I've decided to blog about it to keep myself accountable.

The next time someone describes me as voluptuous, I want them to be talking about my rack, not my Rubenesque belly.


DaintyDoughnuts said...

YEAH!!! A blog where I can follow along with the diet? Is it my birthday already? This is fantastic news! Great way to start the week, Ruth!

Bubblesworth said...

Lady I hear you and literally just wrote about doing a diet blog. Except my enemy is exercise. And oversized portions. And an inability to say no to wine.... Entertain us!