Friday, March 6, 2009

Wave Two, Day One!

Mmmm, lunch.

I think this wave two dining will agree with me. Lunch, pictured above, featured Tangy Black Bean Soup* with spinach salad topped with sundried tomatoes (sadly, not bacon as it appears in the photo), TWO small balls of mozzarella, pecans & a pesto vinaigrette. Dessert, a cup of blueberries!

For dinner, we had pork tenderloin, roasted zucchini, and one of my favorite Sonoma Diet recipes-- Toasted Quinoa Pilaf. It is a savory wonderland.

*Soup was great though perhaps not the greatest soup to eat before taking a yoga class with a lot of twisting poses.

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Kelly said...

I can help you with that. Epazote is an herb that breaks down the beans so that they're easy to digest. Mine is growing like a weed so there's plenty to share. I'll get you some.