Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wave One, Day Two

Oh my god, I am so fucking hungry. Yeah, that was my dinner, and yeah, it wasn't so little, really, but man, I am hungry. And you know, it was a damn tasty dinner. I even had my favorite Sonoma Diet wrap recipe--steak and blue cheese-- for lunch. Yum!

But you know what I didn't have? Anything off the table of cupcakes and pink macarons and enormous cookies at the lecture I went to today at work. Yes, today I went to a meeting with fucking giant pink macarons. How often do you think that happens to me? NEVER. I have not once, until today, gone to a meeting with macarons. Is there justice in this world?*

Alas, I used my willpower. And then I used my willpower to go to the gym and run three miles. And then I came home and made dinner, though not without snarking at Bill. Let it be known that I get a little bit cranky when hungry. And I'm still fucking hungry, and I've eaten my fucking cucumber, so there will be no more snacks for me this evening. All I can look forward to is a cup of sleepytime tea. :(

*Rhetorical question. There is obviously no justice in this world (the macaron incident is just the tip of the iceberg!).

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garkyeats.com said...

Ack - the macaron incident sounds so traumatizing! A true bummer :(