Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 days of 'normal'

So, I'm back from my fun, and I ate:
not as many vegetables as I would have liked,
lots of not-nutrient-rich carbs (aka delicious pasta, potatoes, baked goods, pizza),
a lot of fat and sugar.

I did manage to log many, many miles on foot, and even managed to get in two runs.

But, I still fit just fine into my size 8 pants (and just went through my closet, getting rid of 10s and 12s that hang off my flat ass), and weigh in at 2 lbs more than when I left. And considering I'm about to surf the crimson tide, I expect that those two pounds will be gone in a few days.

So, not a massive dieting success, but not a disaster either. Today and tomorrow I will pack in the healthy foods, but then, I'll have a friend visiting for the weekend and I imagine we'll be taking in LA's culinary delights in a major way. And drinking a lot of wine.

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