Wednesday, June 24, 2009

20 days...

of dining out, drinking, celebrating, feasting, etc. That's what's upcoming. I weigh 154 lbs now, 33 less than when I started the Sonoma Diet in February. Hopefully, I'll survive the next three weeks of: leaving my job (and assorted lunches, happy hours, etc), spending a weekend up the coast, spending a weekend on the Jersey shore with two friends, spending a week with my mom in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

This will be a real test of whether or not I can maintain my size. Dining out, culinary adventures, feasting with friends and family, these are some of my greatest joys, so it will be quite a challenge not to overeat at every meal. Still, I hope that I can make every non-festive meal a healthy one, that I can squeeze in some exercise, that I can practice portion-control (periodically), and that I can make healthier choices while drinking in excess (Another glass of wine? Sure! Another margarita? No, thanks!).


SheilaE said...

That's great --says bob. You can get up and walk zoey at 6 in the morning!

And 10 a night too!

Love you Congrats. Mom

Bigfoot said...

Way to go sis. Consider that festive meals might also be occasions to practice healthy no-saying.