Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunburns, the Sonoma Diet, and motherfucking plateaus.

1) I have received 3 sunburns in the past 9 days. Yes, I know that makes me an idiot. Yes, I was wearing sunscreen. Southern California is not my ideal habitat. I try very hard to protect my blinding whiteness, but alas, it is never enough. I wish I could shower in sunscreen.

Worst thing about this sunburn business is (after the increased risk of skin cancer, uncomfortable burns, and embarrassing lobster-toned body parts) is the fact that it makes you retain water. More on this in section 3.

2) Yawn. Lately I have felt that my life would be more enjoyable if I could spend it on the couch eating pizza and Thai noodle dishes. I have so far resisted this inclination, but I am getting a little worn down on the cooking/dieting front. So, cheers, Connie Guttersen, it's your lucky day. I've ordered the Sonoma Diet Cookbook off Barnes and Noble, where it is a bargain at $6.98. I thought maybe some new recipes would inspire me to get off my duff. We'll see.

3) I have been fluctuating at or over 162.4 for the past ten days!! Grr to the motherfucking rrr. Yes, plateaus are to be expected and I have maintained a pretty remarkable constant weightloss. Last week I hit the gym 4 times, and my past two weekends have been jammed packed with physical activity (including a 17-mile bike ride yesterday, holla!). Yes, I might have had 2 or 3 or whatever margaritas on cinco de mayo, but does that mean this plateau is DESERVED? No, I tell you it is not. Please join me in prayer that my godforsaken sunburn will release the water it is retaining and allow me to soon reach my goal of BMI normal!

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