Sunday, May 3, 2009

OMG Size 8 Jeans

So this weekend, I have torn about town trying to buy some new clothes that flatter my svelter self. I hit two different Macy's, due to the fact that I have a gift card and they were having some massive sales.

On first Macy's visit, I successfully fit into a DKNY dress in a 10, and a pair of Michael by Michael Kors jeans in an 8. I tried on a bunch of other pants in 10s, and most of them fit on the looser side. VERY EXCITING. However, I didn't buy anything because I can never find anything I like at Macy's.

Today, I went to a different Macy's, again with little success. I continued on to Nordstrom Rack, where I OMG fit into a size 29 Rock and Republic jeans, which I did not buy despite the fact that they were 75% off because that is still $60 and I am not about to spend $60 on jeans that I would have to have hemmed when I am still losing weight. Anyway, I tried on a few pairs of other jeans in 8s and those fit. So, holy mother, I am officially an 8 on bottom, though I do not yet own any pants that reflect that.

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Bigfoot said...

Hooray sis.

I can't tell you if I'm surprised or not surprised at your use of jeans as a success marker.