Sunday, March 15, 2009

Damn you, Connie Guttersen.

Why would you make me make harissa to be used in a harissa sauce which will then be used in a Tunisian carrot salad?

Do you know how flipping messy making harissa is? Do you know how long it took me to get the orangey oily residue out of my food processor? No? Well, neither do I, actually, because IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET. Not to mention my translucent once-white strainer, which is now translucent orange. Oh, and by the way, Connie, that whole straining step seemed to be unnecessary, since the only thing left in my strainer after I spent 20 minutes cursing you and pushing pureed chilis through, was anger. No pepper skins there, only a lot of ORANGE.

I mean, I know harissa is sold in stores. Heck, I bet I could get the requisite amount for free just by being my charming self at any kebab or falafel vendor. Maybe in cities less diverse than Los Angeles, harissa is hard to fine. But I bet that in those same cities, guajillo peppers are hard to find too!

I just wish I knew why you asked this of me, Connie. Other Sonoma Diet recipes have mandated the use of storebought Asian chili garlic sauce, a similar condiment. You even instructed me once to use storebought salsa! Salsa is a cinch to make, Connie, and storebought stuff isn't nearly as good nor as nutritional as homemade.

I don't intend to break up with your diet, Ms. Guttersen. I have, after all, lost 13 lbs so I think I may as well stick with it. But I may begin questioning your judgement.

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Carrie said...

I just started wave 1 and will consider this my warning - I wil buy harissa instead of making it when I get to wave 2!