Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, after yesterday's harissa debacle and the challenges I faced today attempting to use my cheap-ass charcoal grill, I need a break from my Sonoma Diet cooking. I am worn out. I am running the dishwasher, full, every 36 hours. I am spending at least two hours cooking and grocery shopping a day. Thank god I have a sainted boyfriend who cleans up nearly all of my messes. Credit where credit is due, he would actually clean up all of my messes but sometimes I feel guilty and clean up after myself. Now, lest you think I am some sort of abusive girlfriend, allow me to point out that every single piece of cooked food that Bill eats I have cooked for him. So it's an even trade, except that I am producing the same amount of food with a great deal more mess.

But I am pretty damn tired of making 3 new recipes a day. I like cooking, and I like the Sonoma Diet recipes. I even like learning how to make harissa (though I will never do it again). But I need a break. And, I need massive carby goodness. A crusty loaf of sourdough, a piece of chewy pizza (or four), a big bowl of noodles. I miss the pleasant fullness of eating too many carbs.

So, tomorrow, I think Bill and I will try out Z Pizza, a pizza chain that allegedly makes good whole wheat pizza. And I will attempt to eat just a slice.

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