Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Salad week begins tomorrow!

And now I am collating some recipes.

I will definitely make my two Sonoma Diet standbys:
  • Greens with Beans and Artichoke Heats (mixed greens, 3 oz chicken, 2 canned artichoke hearts, 1/8 cup cannelloni beans, 1 tablespoon goat cheese, 1/2 tablespoon toasted pine nuts, Italian parsley, red wine vinaigrette. Yum!) 
  • Sonoma Salad with Tomatoes and Feta

I will hit Mark Bittman's 101 salads list hard:
  • I am making #3 now, to use up a cucumber: "A nice cucumber salad: Slice cucumbers thin (if they’re fat and old, peel and seed them first), toss with red onions and salt, then let sit for 20 to 60 minutes. Rinse, dry, dress with cider vinegar mixed with Dijon mustard; no oil necessary."
  • I will definitely make (err, probably not all of these in one week...):
    • #7 & #14 (basically, carrots)
    • #8 (radishes, mango, lime, cilantro & mint)
    • #15 (an intriguing tomato/soy sauce combo)
    • #20 (a peanut-y Asian-style slaw)
    • #21 (cucumbers, avocado, soy/mirin/vinegar)
    • #25 (bell peppers, tomato, onion, chilies & tortilla chips)
    • #38 (watermelon, feta, mint, olives)
    • #39 (corn, chili, lime, tomatoes)
    • #41 (avocado, black bean, cheese, tomatillos)  
    • #54 (roasted peppers, mozzarella, white bean)
    • #56 (salade niçoise)
    • #74 (bell peppers, sausage)
    • #79 (steak, kale, olives)
    • #95 (quinoa, fruit, onions)
    • #97 (barley, grapes)
    • #98 (bulgur, tomatoes, chickpeas)
    • #99 (quinoa, apricots, cherries)
 I will also make my own favorite quinoa salad: quinoa, black beans, onion, peppers, roasted corn, cilantro, lime.

Suggestions? I am very excited to go to the farmers market in a few hours to load up on some components.

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