Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A whole mile. Without stopping, in 11 and a half minutes. It was amazing.

Running is probably one of my most hated activities; in fact, I haven't done it at least a year-- likely more. I certainly haven't run a mile without stopping in longer-- I am fairly certain the last time was in college. Which was a... while ago.

Not smoking+losing 20 lbs=running more enjoyable? Not ready to go that far, but I might try this running thing again.


Margaret said...

Yay! Want to sign up for a marathon with me?

Peach Pit said...

Hells yes!

I have recently started running (in one mile bursts, on the treadmill only) and I love it - so much that I'm tempted to sign up for a 5K!

ruth said...

A 5k huh! Awesome. I might consider that one of these days, but Margaret, I think I'd like to log at least 26 miles in a year before i consider trying it at once. :)

Mel said...

congratulations, a mile is a huge achievement!! before you know it, it will be 2, then 3, and then, set your goal to complete a 5k race!!

running will get easier: if you find yourself struggling to run further than a mile, perhaps you should try walking for 15 minutes to warm up, then do a walk/run interval for the next 15 minutes [1 minute jog, 1 minute walk], then cool down for 15 minutes. then the next week, increase the walk/run interval to 20 minutes, and the week after that to 25. it will help break up the time and get your body used to the impact that comes with running: not to mention, it will help so you wont be as sore!

setting fitness goals, along with weight goals, will help you achieve [and, just as importantly, maintain!] your weight loss as well as keep you motivated to exercise.

not to mention, once you reach your goal weight, you will have a new reason to keep exercising!