Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Christina Hendricks

OK, I think I have set a goal. Unfortunately, it is as of yet unquantifiable. I think I will shoot for Christina Hendricks (Joan on Mad Men)'s measurements, which I believe are similar to my own, except mine are better protected from the elements. With fat. Unfortunately, I can't find her measurements online, except some 36-32-36 which cannot possibly be correct, because my current measurements are 41-32-41, and I can assure you, she is not packing my belly into those dresses. Plus, it's obvious that there is a more than 4 inch difference between her hips and waist. So, internet, tell me Christina Hendricks' measurements, weight (she says in page 6 that she is "much heavier" than 115 lbs--hey, me too!), dress size, or any quantifiable number I can strive for.

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