Sunday, March 22, 2009

That's soooooo LA

Yep, I started my Sunday with a yoga class at my local studio, then came home where Bill and I took off to Urth Caffe, one of the places I identified as a restaurant where I could have my assigned lunch of tuna on whole wheat with a lightly dressed salad and Bill could enjoy a nice lunch out. And then, my half tuna on wheat came out as a tuna on ciabatta. Crestfallen, I began: "I'm sorry, I asked for the tuna on whole wheat" and the waiter quickly and cheerfully scurried off to acquire my specified lunch. Fortunately, we were in Beverly Hills at Urth Caffe so I already felt lame and thus didn't beat myself up over my "ewww, is that white flour on my plate?" request.

So, that was my first attempt at dieting at a restaurant. Went pretty well, I thought, except for the fact that I spent $8.50 on half a sandwich (but the tuna salad was really good!!) and mixed greens. Also, it is a little embarrassing to go to Urth Caffe, given the extremely high douche ratio (note-- I would feel differently, perhaps, if I saw someone famous and not just women who looked skinny enough to be famous). However, I did buy coffee beans and you get 10% off if you bring your bag back next time, so that might work to get me back in...

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Bubblesworth said...

You're no douche my dear. Kudos to sticking with it.