Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full report?

That might have overstating my interest in blogging.

Let's just say I had a lovely weekend in "Temecula Wine Country," saw some animals at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, drank too much (but hey, heart healthy red wine!), and didn't do too badly with the whole eating delicious stuff in moderation.

Exhibit A: Went out for a lovely dinner at Temecula's Public House and enjoyed:
half a bottle of red wine;
small side salad with a vinaigrette;
split an ultra-decadent mac and cheese with my dining companion and didn't even come close to finishing it-- this is where I feel my greatest accomplishment of the weekend lies;
split a taste-tacular s'more brownie dessert thing that we didn't even finish either!

So, probably nothing to fuss over but I think it is an improvement over pre-sonoma diet ruth. Now I am back to it, as of dinner tonight.

And yes, I did just tell you all to be proud of me for drinking only half a bottle of red wine.

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